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Suicide Bereavement

Have you lost someone – a friend, loved one, colleague – to a suicide? Have you been struggling with this loss, not knowing how to hold it in your heart or respond to it in some meaningful way? Do you feel guilty, ashamed, afraid, confused, alone, angry, torn, bitter, or perhaps even devastated by this challenging event? Have you found it difficult or impossible to talk with anyone about how you feel? You are not alone.

Losing a loved one, or anyone, to a suicide can be a difficult and painful experience, in some ways unlike any other. Those of us who have had that experience share a common bond or reality and can provide a supportive and understanding container for each other in which to explore and work through the experience.

Suicide is still very much a taboo subject in our culture and throughout much of the world. Suicides are not reported in the news like other deaths, even though they equal or surpass some of these other more commonly reported tragedies in number. And people generally do not like to hear or talk about suicide; it tends to make them uncomfortable. But for those of us who have lost someone to suicide, it is no longer an abstract idea or notion that perhaps makes us uncomfortable. It is a prominent and preeminent reality in our lives; one which we cannot simply shake or ignore.

I offer individual psychotherapy as well as Therapy Groups for Suicide Loss Survivors.

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With the right help, things can get better; there is a path to healing.

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