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Group Therapy

Somatic Experiencing® Trauma Healing/Support Group

This group is designed for people who would like to heal from past traumas of any type in the supportive, nourishing company of others who are there for the same reason. The benefits of this type of group are quality trauma healing at a much lower cost than weekly individual trauma healing, and the shared healing, co-regulation and connection that take place when people heal together from trauma somatically in a supportive group setting.

Healing trauma through the body with the Somatic Experiencing® approach involves releasing trauma held in the body and emotions and restoring vitality, goodness and full awareness of the here and now. In this way, the past returns to the past and the present becomes the present and the body/mind no longer reacts as if it were still in danger. This is accomplished through a variety of intentional, conscious, supported and nurtured activities and explorations designed to bring about greater awareness and the ability to fundamentally change. Each person in the group will benefit and likely heal a little bit each week regardless of whether they work directly with the facilitator or not. Each person will have equal opportunity to work directly with the facilitator but healing and growth continue to happen simply by being present in the group each week.

Self-regulation and resourcing exercises will be done as a group at the beginning of each session and information about how the nervous system responds to and heals from trauma will be provided each week. These will facilitate each person’s progress when they work directly with the facilitator. Questions will be answered throughout and a warm, supportive and even fun environment will likely develop over time.

The group will meet in my South Berkeley office on Tuesday evenings from 7-8:30pm and will cost $75 per week. Participants will be required to pay a month in advance, regardless of attendance for the month. A six-week commitment will be asked at the start.

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