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Psychotherapy and Spirituality

Many come to psychotherapy with painful, sometimes debilitating questions about deep existential matters; questions such as “what is the purpose or meaning of my life?” “why am I here?” “what’s the point?” “how could these things have happened?” Questions about death and afterlife, birth and origin.

Spiritually focused psychotherapy can offer a new healing perspective which, while not necessarily providing answers, can take the sting and the suffering out of the questions and allow for a more childlike inquisitiveness, a fresh and deeper understanding, and a renewed faith and trust in things as they are.

I bring a life-long journey of spiritual study and practice to my work as a psychotherapist and offer that spiritual perspective to my clients and their struggles. I was raised a devout Catholic and remained one until my early twenties. I have studied Religious Thought and World Religions in academic settings, practiced and studied at the Integral Yoga Institute and Kripalu Yoga Institute in New York and Pennsylvania, was a student of Paramahansa Yogananda’s teachings and a member of a Sufi community for a number of years and, for the past 35 years, have been a practicing Zen Buddhist. I am certified by the Kripalu Institute as a Counselor and Educator and received Lay Ordination as a Zen Buddhist from my teacher in 1997.

If you are struggling with some of the deeper issues that we face as human beings in this often disturbing world, I may be able to help you come to terms with them and find peace of mind.

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Renew your faith and trust in things as it is.

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