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Addiction and Dual Diagnosis Recovery

I have been in recovery from a number of addictions for over thirty years. I have worked with addicts in recovery personally for most of that time, and professionally as a clinician for about ten of those years. As an addict in recovery myself, I am often able to get to the heart of the problem with an addiction client who is struggling, either with their active addiction or their recovery from it, using the skills I have developed over the years as a psychotherapist, in addition to my personal experience. As a trained trauma therapist, I have the skills and knowledge to help clients heal and resolve traumas that have fueled their addictions for many years. Having been through this process myself, I understand deeply how these two are often intertwined, and how resolving the trauma while working with the addiction can facilitate recovery for someone who’s trauma experience has been preventing a full recovery..


Many of us with moderate to severe mental health challenges also have or develop serious substance abuse problems. Likewise, many of us with substance abuse issues often have or develop moderate to severe mental health challenges. Often it is difficult or impossible to determine which came first without a sustained period of abstinence from substances and the aid of an experienced or team of experienced clinicians. Knowing which came first can be a great aid in successful treatment.

Some of us develop what are called substance-induced mental health disorders, which may or may not disappear if the substance use is discontinued. And some of us use substances to medicate or alleviate the pain and difficulty of our mental health challenges.

Consequently, treating these two challenges separately – one first and then the other – is rarely successful for the reasons mentioned above. They are often so intertwined that recovery is impossible without treating them both at the same time. This often requires the aid of a skilled, trained and/or experienced therapist to provide the support, guidance, encouragement and expertise necessary for success.

I have suffered with a severe life-threatening mental health challenge and a serious substance abuse addiction since I was 17. I have been in recovery from both for over thirty years. Recently I spent almost four years as a counselor in a dual-diagnosis residential treatment program for adults, where I learned in depth how to support and treat people with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders, and help them move towards the best quality of life possible, achieving many of their goals and dreams. I believe I can help you do the same if you are suffering from these dual challenges.

As I said earlier, a period of total abstinence or considerable reduction in substance use will likely be necessary for any real progress to be made. And the aid of an experienced psychiatrist in the field of dual diagnosis treatment may also be necessary if medications are used or indicated. I can support you in achieving and maintaining the abstinence or reduction you require and finding a psychiatrist who can assist in the process if needed.

Recovery is possible – even from the most dire of circumstances. I have experienced this myself and witnessed it with my own eyes numerous times. If you are suffering from both a serious mental health challenge and a substance abuse or other addiction, and need encouragement, support, direction and a skilled therapist to help you on your way to a more meaningful, productive, enjoyable and satisfying life, I believe I can help you.

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