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Couples and Family Therapy

Couples and Family Therapy

Couples and Family Therapy are opportunities for couples and families to come together to work through and resolve their differences, or to recognize and accept that some or all of these differences are insurmountable, and that changes need to be made in the relationships in order for all parties to be happy. My role as your therapist will not be to recommend or advocate for any particular changes or outcome, but to assist you in discovering or expressing for yourselves what is right and true for the relationship(s) and everyone involved. My goal as your therapist will be to faciliatate a harmonious outcome, regardless of what that looks like in the end.

Couples may decide to marry, or not, or to stay married or not. Families and couples may decide to alter living arrangements or space utilization within the home, or time spent together, or may simply learn to communicate more kindly and effectively with one another. Ideally everyone’s needs and wants, feelings and limitations will eventually become clear and understood by everyone, and everyone will respond with honesty and compassion. When that happens, the way to move forward usually becomes pretty clear and obvious, and necessary changes, if any, can take place.

I would be honored to assist you on this often exciting, rewarding and sometimes surprising journey. Please contact me to schedule an appointment, or a free 20-minute video or phone consultation to see if we are a good match to work together.

Peter Carpentieri, LMFT, SEP

*I am currently offering both in-person therapy and remote therapy via phone or videoconference.

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