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Spiritual Healing – Beyond the Spiritual Bypass

The obstacle that unresolved trauma presents to many of us on a spiritual path is one that I am committed to helping you remove. For those of us with traumatic histories and a real desire for Spiritual awakening, true transformation can take place at the intersection of somatic awareness, trauma resolution, and spiritual practice. This experience is fluid, magical, and transformative, and available to everyone.

If you have been on a spiritual path for a while, you will likely begin to notice, after a few sessions, that practicing somatically in this way is much like a guided meditation practice; only in somatic therapy, the focus is more on the body than the thoughts, and we allow things to fully complete and/or resolve themselves, rather than simply ignoring them or avoiding them, in the hope that they will pass away on their own. Trauma prevents this naturally occurring “passing away” of past experience from taking place.

Relational traumas can usually only be healed in relationships with a safe, supportive and skilled “other.” Somatic Psychotherapy can reveal and resolve unconscious and/or rigid patterns – some very subtle – that keep us stuck, unable to experience the true joy and benefits – the fruits if you will – of our practice. In Somatic Therapy, we notice things together, and our overall aim is to allow those sensations, images, thoughts, habits, beliefs, and memories that trouble us, block our progress, or hold us back to pass away.

A spiritual teacher of mine once said something to the effect that many of us come to spiritual practice with armor around our hearts, we begin to practice, and then we hang our practice like a medal on the outside of the armor. We have to do the emotional work of breaking open the armor and exposing our hearts in order to experience the true fruits of our practice.

Somatic Psychotherapy allows us to “do the emotional work” that allows our hearts to truly open – safely – to ourselves and to others.

Please visit this interview with John Wellwood for a much more detailed and informative description of this issue and what we need to do to address it.

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Sometimes we need to do the emotional work that allows our hearts to open, in order to enjoy the real fruits and benefits of our practice.

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